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ChinaCarFuture Electron Co., Ltd. is a manufacturers and R&D suppliers in automobile maintenance and automobile accessories ,We Offer Highly focus on global customers' needed and growing product line, we supply series of automobile diagnostic tools with the better price. One time .we benefit our customers' businesses by offering high quality products, timely delivery, technology innovation. With the accumulated expertise and versatile service unit, totally development of product upon customers' requirement.
New Products:

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface for Tech Tool 1.12

Volvo Diagnostic Kit (88890300) INCLUDED 1, 88890300 Vocom Interface 2, 88890304 OBD2 Cable 3, 88890306 8pin Cable 4, 9993832 14pin Cable 5, 12pin Cable for Renault trucks 6, 88890305 USB cable 7, Volvo Tech Tool (TT) 1.12 DESCRIPTION Tech

Reference Price: $1050 USD


Brand: Volvo

IVECO EASY 10.1 2014

E.A.SY (Electronic Advanced System) - allows simple diagnosis of the various electronic control units on the vehicle, using a communications module (ECI). E.A.SY. software interface is designed to facilitate access to tools, view functions

Reference Price: $300 USD


Brand: Iveco

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