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ChinaCarFuture Electron Co., Ltd. is a manufacturers and R&D suppliers in automobile maintenance and automobile accessories ,We Offer Highly focus on global customers' needed and growing product line, we supply series of automobile diagnostic tools with the better price. One time .we benefit our customers' businesses by offering high quality products, timely delivery, technology innovation. With the accumulated expertise and versatile service unit, totally development of product upon customers' requirement.
New Products:

Bentley ASSIST 2010

Date:2010 DVD:1DVD The Integrated Electronic Technical Information System viewer (IETIS) consists of hyper-linked documents and illustrations. These documents are publications such as the Workshop, Tool and Service Schedule manuals and the

Reference Price: $35 USD



Vovlo EWD 2014 Wiring Diagram

Vovlo EWD 2014 Wiring Diagram Date: 2014 DVD: 1DVD A preliminary issue is always produced in conjunction with production start and contains information regarding fuses, relays, ground terminals and diagram pages. It is later replaced by the

Reference Price: $50 USD


Brand: Volvo

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